Lindsay Semilla

Phone // 585.704.1209

“The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it's a different kind of life.”

                                                              ― Buckminster Fuller

Offerings // 

Sustainable Design // Regenerative Design // Interior Design // Project Management // Site Operations // General Contracting // Artistic Rendering // Remodel // Residential // Sacred Space // Event Production // Materials Reuse // Facilitation // Consulting


Certifications //

Institute for the Built Environment // Fort Collins, CO // 2016

  • LENSES facilitator- Living Environments in Natural, Social, and Economic Systems

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design // Lakewood, CO // 2010

  • Bachelor of Arts- Fine Art Painting 

  • Bachelor of Arts- Sustainable Design & Architecture


Technology //


Adobe PhotoShop

Google Drive


Various organizational apps


2018 - Present 

// CO-Director // Future Proper Collective //  Whole Systems Design Build

// Freelance Design & Construction // Residential & Remodel

// Regenerative Consultant // Hummingbird Transformational Living Center // Mora, NM



 // Project Manager // Sister’s Construction // Denver, Colorado // Residential & Commercial Remodel

// Build Lead // Wombship // Big Summit Prairie, OR // Global Eclipse Gathering


2012-2015 // Lead Design & Guardian // The Lotus Temple // Leave No Trace Sacred Space for Events

Life as Art

I have developed a diverse background of knowledge and experience that allows me to articulate vision into manifestation. With experience gained through teachers of various disciplines including fine art, regenerative design and architecture, Earth based spirituality, self-inquiry and reflection,  I seek to use my offerings to create a rainbow bridge the visionary spirit can take to the physical plane, manifesting our collective vision. I follow energetic threads through situational life to see the underlying unifying currents. I use this ability to see what is needed to create harmony in many circumstances. 


My bliss is creating spaces that are naturally easeful and activated, whether that be interpersonal or within the built environment. I get deep satisfaction in the design/build process, I love conceiving an idea and bringing it to fruition. I play well with others and understand that it’s silly to try to do everything yourself. I recognize mastery in the people around me, activating our collective latent potential through play.

 I specialize in building out of salvaged materials, and conscious resource use. It is a personal goal to show the world what amazing work can be done with the discarded parts of life. I feel our “waste” stream is our most abundant and valuable resource, creating something amazing out of something once thought of as trash is deeply fulfilling for me. I am now a working regenerative artist based out of New Mexico.




I love creating environments to feel good in. The desire to learn more about the elements of  space, function, circulation, color and lighting to design living environments sparked my inspiration to go to college for Interior design. Continuing my education at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Colorado, I took my first “Green Design” Class in 2007, a catalytic event in my life. Over the duration of the course I witnessed how impactful the built environment, in its best and its worst, is on our human psychology, our cultures, and our biome. Realizing then, that in order to be in service to helping create solutions to our collective problems, I was motivated to pursue sustainable design & architecture as a major & vocation, this motivation still inspires me today.


For the last 10 years I have focused on building community, utilizing my awareness of holistic design processes to help design & build infrastructure for gatherings for Human & Earth centered events. Recently working as a contractor I am learning all the time how precious our resources are that we build with and how to utilize them in their most efficient & effective way.  I believe that integrated design processes, combined with holistic and permaculture design principles, can make a significant regenerative impact to our human culture as well as our built environment. It is my deepest desire to work for & with others that are just as passionate about designing & building beautiful, functional structures as I am. This is what I choose to do.