The Future Proper is creating a framework for new expressions of cultural convergence. We envision these to be spaces for golden innovators with boots on the ground to share resonant space, information, and healing with each other; focusing on specific projects and amplifying our collective work. There will also be opportunities for individuals seeking their purpose to find support in community to connect with the movement on a deeper level. What better way to lift the world up than through celebration! 

We believe that it is important to strengthen our communities, cultivating joy, and coming together to celebrate being. Giving us the opportunity to play and remind us to enjoy the game of life! We celebrate to honor each other, to honor our Earth, to give thanks for the gifts that we have been given and the challenges we have overcome. We celebrate because we are alive and we are excited to live. 

Upcoming Events

Embody Convergence - 1
Sep 19, 2019, 11:11 AM
Heartland Collective
6 days and 5 nights of grounding your gifts in the New Paradigm...

Embody: Grounding Your Gifts in the New Paradigm

Regenerative Convergence @ Heartland Ranch and Education Center // September 19th-24th

"May peaceful loving kindness radiate across the lands throughout all of its structures”


Join the movement, and create the future with us!