All beings have the same basic life requirements, food, water, shelter. In the FutureProper these baseline necessities are provided for everyone, and our mission is to provide accessibility and sovereignty to our global community. Offering systems that facilitate proper use of resources, conservation and reclamation strategies, and regenerative design. We take responsibility for the cradle to grave cycles of the trash, plastics, building materials, food, and human waste we create.. Embodying practices to transmute our wastes into resource and utilize everything as positive potential and lessen our footprint on mother earth.    

Our purpose is to provide all people with everything they need to live a creative, fulfilled, healthy, and happy life; without damaging or depleting our Earth, and in such a way that leaves  more opportunity for future generations to flourish. After that, in order to thrive, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding will lead to the full creative expression of our unlimited capabilities.

Energy = Life

Earth Water Sun Air