Embody: a Template for Grounding Your Gifts in the New Paradigm


Embody Convergence is a venue for the 'Infinite Game' that serves to model a regenerative events blueprint for the conscious evolution movement. It is open and accessible to anyone resonant with the land that wants to play. We have the opportunity to bring together our acquired knowledge, skills, expertise, and heart-space to co-create deeply impactful solutions for what is needed. Your choice to participate is an investment in our community and the design of a new way to come together.​


This is an invitation for us to champion each other, and collectively participate in the interweaving of a vast range of individuals who, along with the communities and organizing forces of which they are a part, together hold everything we need to create real solutions that can be utilized to strengthen Hummingbird as a community hub. The moment is present for our full authentic offerings to be embodied and celebrated in a way that creates models of regeneration for our children, our tribe, and our global community.

Together, we CAN build a SHIFT into the New Earth.

Choose your own adventure


This truly is a choose your own adventure open platform for co-creation. You have the opportunity to use this event as a place to gather to create deep conversations/agreements/solutions on the projects deemed most necessary at this moment. It will also be a place to work with other game changers in creating a  holistic perspective. You decide how you want to play and what you would like to apply your gifts to.


We invite you to invest in an experience that creates real impactful solutions that far surpass the value of a ticket. The future that we are facing requires an accelerated application of our genius. We are being asked to learn how to collaborate from a place of sovereignty, in a constantly reorganizing social environment.

This is an invitation to embody your avatar, share your gifts and be a part of the story. For our greatest minds and hearts to come together to support the needs of our community in a practical and applied way. 

We envision this to be a space for golden innovators with boots on the ground to share resonant space and healing with each other, amplifying our collective work. This is an opportunity to deepen in our soul connection and collective purpose here on this planet. If this resonates with you, we invite you to invite your friends and loved ones that are creating evolutionary change on the ground.

There are many ways to play at Embody. Choose your role!

CORE: (13 people) $144 - Resonant field holders, Stewards of the production of the event, its organization facilitation, and coordination.

TRIBE: $333 - Individuals ready to show up, boots on the ground learning, sharing and facilitating in different aspects of the event.

PARTICIPANT: $444 -  Activated ground crew showing up to immerse and learn in the new paradigm.

CONTRIBUTOR: $555 - Supporter of the movement in a deep sense able to share greater abundance with this project.

ALTRUIST: $777+ - a person devoted to the welfare of others and the world, expressing this through support of this project. 


All prices include stewardship and creation of the convergence, the land, and the facilities. They also include 3 organic meals a day for EVERYONE!

Wealth distribution model


  • Each person from the CORE will be creating a proposal of their accountability to the container and their needs to be supported in that service. 

  • The CORE will be paid back in full for their investment when they honor their accountability. 

  • The income from the ticket sales will be stewarded by the council and distributed using a model of wealth stewardship.

  • All wealth created will be redistributed to all participants based on level of participation.

  • 20% of the income will go to the land for use of the land and facilities.

  • We hold a vision that any residual income will be distributed to everyone who creates an impact there, (even just for a little gas money on the way home) 

  • You can choose to donate your portion of the distribution back to the land to keep funding the actualization!

  • All who attend will receive $50 for each person accepted to come that they invite at TRIBE level through ALTRUIST level. We are asking that everyone participating invites people personally and from the heart, feeling a resonance with the person they are asking and a reason they should be there (even if it’s just good feels!) 


View our wealth distribution spreadsheet that transparently outlines

how much money we have received and what each cent is spent on.

embody Template Areas of Impact

Regenerative Building & BioDynamics

Sovereignty & systems Technology

Personal & Planetary healing


Questions? Email Futureproper@gmail.com