Sep 21, 2019, 11:11 PM
30105 McCourtney Rd, Wheatland, CA 95692, USA

Embody: Deepening into Collective Purpose

Hummingbird is calling in a new wave of stewards and members within our tribe who feel an embodied resonance.  This experience will connect you with this 22-year-old mostly off-grid community and other like-minded souls who are ready to weave together in a way that is grounded in the now.  


In these highly uncertain times where the festival season, burning man, and normal ways of connecting in person have been put on hold, we feel a call to gather an aligned group of people to:

  • Create a strong network for current and future collaborations

  • Connect our tribe to a long-standing mostly off-grid community hub for these turbulent times

  • Mastermind regenerative systems for living in community

  • Rejuvenate ourselves in the pristine remote forests of New Mexico

  • Slow down and harmonize with the natural world 

  • Be of service to grounded land-based projects

  • Nourish with organic meals

  • Celebration of life through sharing, connection, dance and music.  

  • Sharing and conversing in cutting edge topics relevant to community right now!



This is an invitation for us to champion each other, and collectively participate in the interweaving of a vast range of individuals who, along with the communities and organizing forces of which they are a part, together hold everything we need to create real solutions that can be utilized to strengthen Hummingbird as a community hub. The moment is present for our full authentic offerings to be embodied and celebrated in a way that creates models of regeneration for our children, our tribe, and our global community.

Together, we CAN build a SHIFT into the New Earth.

Flow of the Week


Embody Convergence is open and accessible to anyone resonant with Hummingbird that wants to play. We have the opportunity to bring together our acquired knowledge, skills, expertise, and heart-space to co-create deeply impactful solutions for what is needed RIGHT NOW. 

On September 1st-7th, We come together as a soul family to celebrate life and embody a new template for conscious convergence that supports the necessary infrastructure needed for resilient community hubs. 

  • Day 1 (Sept 1st):  Introduction to the community, the template and grounded exploration of the realms of Embody

  • Day 2-5 (Sept 2nd-5th): Day’s offerings include: immersive “heartstorms” facilitated group problem solving, discussions, land based projects, individual & community shares (ie open mic, talent shows, U Teach U, performances), ceremony, and celebration all in service to strengthening the Hummingbird community and our collective soul family. 

  • Day 6 (Sept 6th):  Harvesting best practices for our future collaborations and our closing ceremony. (formal end)

  • Day 7 (Sept 7th) Final breakfast together, Help with clean up, Departure.

Ways to Play

We invite you to invest in an experience that creates real impactful solutions that far surpass the value of a ticket. The future that we are facing requires an accelerated application of our genius. We are being asked to learn how to collaborate from a place of sovereignty, in a constantly reorganizing social environment.

There are many ways to play at Embody. Choose your own adventure!

*THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO 30 PEOPLE + Hummingbird Community Residents*


7-Day Pass:

CORE: (13 people) $144 - Resonant field holders, Stewards of the production of the event, its organization facilitation, and coordination.

TRIBE: $333 - Individuals ready to show up, boots on the ground learning, sharing and facilitating in different aspects of the event.

PARTICIPANT: $444 -  Activated ground crew showing up to immerse and learn in the new paradigm.

CONTRIBUTOR: $555 - Supporter of the movement in a deep sense able to share greater abundance with this project.

ALTRUIST: $777+ - a person devoted to the welfare of others and the world, expressing this through support of this project. 


3-Day Pass:


PARTICIPANT: $222 - Activated ground crew showing up to immerse and learn in the new paradigm.  Choose your own dates.  LIMITED!


We have a limited number of tickets at each level.  Based upon your application we will recommend a ticket level that seems right for you.  

All prices include stewardship and creation of the convergence, the land, and the facilities.


Areas of Focus:

Regenerative Building & BioDynamics

  • To attend to maintenance on the land essential for the safety of the residents and to support Hummingbird operations.

  • To up-level systems for more sustainability and development.

  • To enhance the beauty of the land and its structures.

Focus Project: Install safety handrails on different stairwells for safe access for elders 

Sovereignty & systems Technology

  • Mastermind on new currency models within community

  • Fundraising Strategies/implementation.

  • Workshop ideas and systems for a progressive decision making process.

  • To create a space to share transformational language and Culture.

Focus Project: Mastermind ideas for new community decision making methods applying lessons learned at HB. 

Focus Project: Provide feedback to Hummingbird TLC non-profit on their developing mission & marketing.

Personal & Planetary healing

  • To facilitate communion regularly with attendees.

  • Support of multi-generational relationships and integration at Hummingbird and surrounding communities 

  • Finding right relationship with specific collaborators.

  • To work with surrender, death, and grief as an essential part of the human experience.

  • The creation of space and activities that potentize sacred sites and enhance animal relations.

  • To provide support for any triggers, conflict, or misunderstanding.

Focus Project: Build an inter-generational bridge that serves to heal the places where different generations have had conflict or misunderstandings as well as reinforcing the best of what is. 


  • To host musicians and performers within our soul family in the expression of their gifts. 

  • To create theatrical performances and skits that enhance our cultural and spiritual connection.

About Hummingbird Transformational Living Center:

The land base of hummingbird transformational living center is 486 acres of high desert mixed forest, pastures, wetlands and riparian zones. A year round creek flows at the base of one canyon ridge and an acequia (irrigation ditch) flows along the base of the other canyon ridge during the growing season.

As an early wave of social pioneers they have been laying down the tracks for the emergence of a healthy thriving new Earth. They join with the rapidly growing movement of social change makers ~ those empowered to express their unique creativity, model bold solutions, and positively impact our transforming world.


“Can you imagine living in a culture where trust, safety, resonance and love are foundational to a new way of living”

Embody Convergence: A template for Regenerative Events


Embody Convergence is a venue for the 'Infinite Game' that serves to model a regenerative events blueprint for the conscious evolution movement. It is open and accessible to anyone resonant that wants to play. We have the opportunity to bring together our acquired knowledge, skills, expertise, and heart-space to co-create deeply impactful solutions for what is needed RIGHT NOW. Your choice to participate is an investment in our community and the design of a new way to come together.


The following is a brief intro to the Hummingbird Soul Family that is curating this event. We are a combination of different relations including, founders to the community, folks who have had an ongoing relationship with Hummingbird, others who are feeling the call and new to the field.

Aja Rose

A lover of the natural and subtle realms, Aja is passionately called to embody a deep connection to self, nature, and each other and to be a steward for the harmonization of humanity with nature. She loves to weave together the medicine of breath, music, dance, nature, and community into her co-creative offerings. Her spirit is at home in community and she is committed to walking that path. Aja is the founder of Inner Light Revival Breathwork and is based in Boulder, CO.

Lindsay Semilla

Lindsay's bliss is creating spaces that are naturally easeful and activated, whether that be interpersonal or within the built environment. She gets deep satisfaction in the design/build process, and loves conceiving an idea and bringing it to fruition. She plays well with others and understands that it’s silly to try to do everything yourself. She recognizes mastery in the people around her, activating collective latent potential through play. Lindsay is the visionary behind the Embody Template and Co-founder of the Future Proper Collective.

Steven Dedrick

A natural "MacGyver" of many domains spanning Alternative Energy Systems Engineering to Interpersonal Systems Design and Transformation. Steven is a resident of Hummingbird Community and is actively catalyzing the next era of Hummingbird Stewardship.  Steven is passionate about focalizing relevant cutting edge conversations that support the integration of lessons learned from visionary intentional communities into embodied, emergent, potent best practices for living with aligned, interconnected purpose in the dojo of transformational culture.

sara senet

Sara is one of the original co-founders of Hummingbird and the first to step foot on the land. She showed up from the start supporting the manifestation of what the founders wanted to create. With a business background, Sara excels at financial and administrative coherence. As a detail oriented organizer, she considers herself a support person, to help people track and recognize “what wants to happen” as they say at Hummingbird. Her bliss is designing homes, beauty and aesthetics, and she has a great eye for color.

Questions? Email Futureproper@gmail.com

Join the movement, and create the future with us!