Embody Convergence
Sep 21, 2019, 11:11 PM
30105 McCourtney Rd, Wheatland, CA 95692, USA

Embody: Grounding Your Gifts in the New Paradigm

Regenerative Convergence @ Heartland Ranch and Education Center // September 19th-24th

Creating a world where regenerative events, projects and organizations enhance the conscious evolution movement by EMBODYing a new Global Operations System that helps to transcend relational differences and trauma into regeneration and co-creation.

Creating the template


Embody is a venue for the 'Infinite Game' that serves to model a regenerative events blueprint for the evolution movement. It is open and accessible to anyone that wants to play. We have the opportunity to bring together our acquired knowledge, skills, expertise, and heart-space to co-create deeply impactful solutions for what is needed in our field RIGHT NOW. Your choice to participate is an investment in our community and the design of a new way to come together.

  • For September 19th and 20th, We come together as a CORE and dedicated participants ($144 ticket holders and higher) to go through the Collective Foundational Document (CFD) process, decide on the agreement fields, build infrastructure, and create exodus plan for the Event. The 21st-22nd will be the Event itself which will be open to the public on a weekend pass. The 2 day event shall be called “Embody Convergence: A Party for Peace”.

  • It is the responsibility of each Team to propose and have approved offerings prior to the 2 day event via the Embody CFD Core Council.

  • Offerings (for 2 day event) include: workshops, classes, discussions, individual & community shares (ie open mic, talent shows, U Teach U, performances), ceremony, land based projects, and celebration. 

  • The 23rd will be a day of harvesting best practices for our future gatherings. 

  • Weekend event ticket cost is $88 and includes camping on the land, access to, and participation in all offerings (food not included).

  • Purchasing a ticket of $333 and higher will give you access to the full week's events, organic meals, and an opportunity to learn and participate in the creation of systems that will support our sovereignty as a community and beyond.



This is an invitation for us to champion each other as much as our own agendas, and collectively participate in the interweaving of a vast range of individuals who, along with the communities and organizing forces of which they are a part, together hold everything we need.


All the resources we need are available, and all our relations will be necessary, for harmonic planetary Re-design. It the moment is present for our full authentic offerings to be embodied and celebrated in a way that creates models of regeneration for our children, our tribe, and our global community.


Together, we CAN build a SHIFT into the New Earth.

Choose your own adventure


This truly is a choose your own adventure open platform for co-creation. You have the opportunity to use this event as a place to gather to create deep conversations/agreements/solutions for any project you are working on that has positive implications for our local, national and global relations. It will also be a place to get other game changers in on the conversation to get a holistic perspective on the project you are working on now. You decide how you want to play and what you would like to use the platform to focus on.

This is an invitation to invest in an experience that create real impactful solutions that far surpass the value of a ticket. The future that we are facing requires an accelerated application of our genius. We are being asked to learn how to collaborate from a place of sovereignty, in a constantly reorganizing social environment.


Every person is a presenter- Invitation to embody your avatar, apply to share your gifts and be a part of the story. For our greatest minds and hearts to come together to support the needs of our community in a practical and applied way. 


We envision this to be a space for golden innovators with boots on the ground to share resonant space and healing with each other, amplifying our collective work. There will also be opportunities for individuals seeking their purpose to find support in community to connect with the movement on a deeper level. If this resonates with you, we invite you to invite your friends and loved ones that are creating evolutionary change on the ground. Please share!!!!

As another avenue of abundance, for anyone you get to sign up for the TRIBE level and higher you will receive $50/person you invite!! Think of folks that are wanting to learn and play in the new earth!

Many of us hold pieces of the same vision and conversations in the field keep circling around the same questions:


How do we create fields of agreements, self-governance, self organization, and the tools that track them, that serve us in our constantly reorganizing co-creative environments?

Solutions Proposed:

To review the different sovereign governance systems in our field right now and choose to embody and practice a system of co-governance together at the event that can show us where the places, challenges, and ease are. We will use this information to know the specific needs for how the tracking tools can be developed to better serve us. 


How do we amplify our collective energies and focus them in collaborative efforts to create deep impact in the realms of human sovereignty nationally and globally?

Solutions Proposed: 

To use Embody Convergence as a platform to launch a campaign in partnership with United We Stand, designed to massively change the way we, as global co-citizens of this beautiful planet, relate to borders, immigration and the way we live with each other as members of one large human family. To teach the world how to compassionately shift toward being a society that places humanity before citizenry. This launch will take place on the International Day of Peace on September 21st including a celebration of life and peace that will be broadcast live on conscious media platforms. 

Alternative Economies

How do we track accountabilities and resources in our new economy?

How do we measure unquantifiable work like healing work and deep listening?

How do we honor those making the connections between the people we need to work with? (Affiliates)

How can we use alternative currency applications to create regenerative economies for ourselves, and our collective, for the Embody event and beyond?

Solutions Proposed:

To use an emergent alternative currency tracking system during the event to test out how we can utilize our collective resources to value one another as well as distribute wealth based on impact and accountability. Harvest the best results to develop our platforms to best serve how we need regenerative economies to operate. 

Building a new Culture

What do rites of passage ceremonies look like in our new tribal culture? 

Solutions Proposed:

To come together and share what we have learned from our individual spiritual paths, integrating what has been taught to us by our elders, and what support we feel we needed as youth. We will use this discussion to inform how we create ceremonial rites for our tribe to be utilized during initiations and completion of cycles of time.


How can this event help support Heartland Collective in Wheatland, CA in their permanent infrastructure projects that are supportive to the stewards of the land, the land itself, and our greater collective?

Solutions Proposed:

Work together in a permaculture design to help gather information that will serve the creation of a holistic master plan for Heartland. 

To work collectively on two hands-on projects. 

  1. Work to reinforce the walls of the Kiva (sacred fire pit) on the land to protect it from degradation. 

  2. To create a new garden bed that supports increasing food production at Heartland.



How do we create cross generational healing and honor the wisdom of our ancestors and inspiration of the younger generations?


Solutions Proposed: 

To create cross generational ceremonies and reinstate rites of passage ceremonies to honor our place in time and experience.


How do we collectively unpack and heal or wounds around prosperity and abundance to create an attractor field of wealth for our tribe?


Solutions Proposed:

To create a ceremony around our distribution of wealth that honors all who participate, amplifying our collective prosperity consciousness. 

How do healers get honored for their work in the world when it sometimes cannot be tracked in the physical? 


Solutions Proposed: 

To have healers come together to discuss their experiences and share their needs and provide feedback to create clarification about quantifying the unquantifiable. 


How do we amplify our collective frequency and send a focused prayer that affects the collective consciousness and creates awareness of what we are doing as a whole? 


Solutions Proposed:

To have a unified ceremony on the International Day of Peace that honors all of our relations. This will be broadcast over conscious media networks. 

These are the conversations we will be looking at as well as others that YOU have the opportunity to bring to the table. When you purchase a ticket and invite your tribe, you are investing in an experience to work with other practical visionaries in real time to create a common language that answers these questions. It is the intention to create a space where we can have some deep dives collectively in these conversations as well as participate in hands on learning, creating, and celebration! 


Gain real life connection with others ready to embody our shared principles of regeneration, prosperity, healing, sovereignty, storytelling and multigenerational connection. Come away with relationships and tools that empower you in the work you are here to do on this planet.


United We Stand

We envision a world where our common humanity is more important than our designated citizenry.


Embody Convergence will serve as a platform to launch the United We Stand Campaign, which works to address the inhumane border and immigration policies in the United States, along with the underlying societal and cultural challenges causing them. 


The main unified demonstration of peace and love calling for a nation and world to create healthier borders and systems of migration is the ‘Hands Along The Border’ event set to take place on October 10, 2020. We intend to gather 10-40 million supporters along the 2,000 mile stretch. Our intention is to create the LARGEST peaceful demonstration in the history of the United States, if not the world. 


The preparation includes awareness events as well as collaboratively writing an open letter to the United States regarding the current political and social climate around immigration, asylum-seeking, and border security, and how current policies are out of alignment with the core values of this nation; sharing it with signatures gathered from supporters all over the world.


Join our tribe in the quest for human sovereignty! 

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The Humanitree Movement is about grounding, healing people helping them slow down and breathe. People get planted to their knees in fresh gardening soil. The soil gets packed so you can sway. A kind of a Tree Yoga and stretching. Enough water is poured in the hole to soak down all the way to the toes. When you get out we plant a tree. People get planted for 20-30 minutes. This is fun, healing and transformative. The intention is to plant the entire Human Culture at least once.


Can You Diggit? Plugg in & Plant On. Won't you help us grow the Humanitree Movement world wide? It's an Open Dream to help us stand as one human family.


Contact: jangeekauai@gmail.com

TourUS United Sovereign Adventure


This event is a seed gathering and blueprint for the TourUS - A caravan choose your own adventure of regeneration, ceremony, and celebration supporting all life on Earth. The TourUS will co-create with existing small scale events and communities with the intent to bring the most aligned resources to the people and projects that are creating the most good on Turtle Island. We will be touring the United States of Ascension visiting these communities equipped with tools, resources, people and prayers to make deep symbiotic impact, activating our most emergent community hubs with the infrastructure they need most. 


We will be meeting with others that have received this same vision and see how we can coordinate our efforts to make this vision a reality. 

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