FutureProper is a co-op of artists, designers, contractors and fabricators that work collaboratively to create immersive experiences. We value the Human Mythos and use it as inspiration to create stories within our spaces that tell about the FutureProper; a more beautiful and interesting world we know is possible. 

We have a wide range of professional experience encompassing event production, design and build. At events around the country we have built experiential environments, gathering places, shade structures, stages and temples. Our skills also include eco-conscious contracting, for private residences and community infrastructure. 

We specialize in creatively utilizing salvaged materials as an abundant and valuable resource. We intend to encourage creative solutions for our current cradle to grave resource cycles through artful regenerative design.

FutureProper is fostering a community of passionate individuals living the transformation of our existing state into a global community that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. It is our intention to work together with creative minds to create abundance and prosperity for all. There is no lack of need for a skilled, connected, empowered family. Rather than compete we are driven to raise the bar on collaboration and support a whole systems redesign of our planet.