The School of Resiliency; a place for growing, exploring, & learning. A new school based upon interactive exploration of inspired ideas and concepts. We facilitate hands on experience that aids in shaping the current and future generations. Readjusting old thought patterns, and teaching, through play, a new way to view and exist in the world around us. Sharing technologies ranging from building techniques and self-discovery, to food production and body awareness. Through discovery, practice, and guidance, students are encouraged to find their personal bliss, and then learn from skilled mentors and teachers on their desired path. We honor in ceremony, the rites of passage every being goes through in life, acknowledging challenges, celebrating milestones, and witnessing in deep appreciation of the process of growth and transformation. 


Transitioning from traditional desks and textbooks to a choose your own adventure, gamifying the absorption and integration of information. Students are given the opportunity to state their accountabilities, make a schedule and determine curriculum content that excites them.  With ample time for self-reflection, physical engagement, and energetic group work; Future Proper Academy incorporates full spectrum of thrivability. 


We adopt an individualized understanding of how one learns, processes and creates. Encouraging students to form opinions based upon their feelings and perspectives. Cultivating skills for decision making and reasoning that recognize their distinct expression. Honoring uniqueness with a respect for difference, we are able to learn and play together in a way that celebrates all.  


The School of Resiliency can be hosted at a variety of places, from community spaces in cities, to intentional communities. We are interested in working with People and places that need permanent infrastructure built or renovated in a way that supports the greater collective. Based upon specific project needs, we will provide experience through the form of short-term workshops, classes, and work days with a specific focus for different skill-sets.  For longer projects and extended community invites intentional classroom space(s) will be set up for the duration of the stay, hosting course work outside of build and creation zones. All academy projects are tailored to serve the direct needs of the community that is hosting the event.


We ask students to show up, try new things, and allow natural curiosity to lead them to the next endeavor.  With no right or wrong turn, the labyrinth of learning is open to all who wish to walk it. 


Hands on Classes

Structures & Fabrication - Regenerative building/renovation, Upcycling, Wood, Metal, C&C, LAZER engraving, 3D Printing, Traditional Carpentry

Lighting & Electrical Engineering  - LED programming, Projection Mapping, Architectural & Natural Lighting

Installation Art - Immersive Inspired Environments, Murals, Sculptures, Artistic interest

Gardens & Greenhouses - Bioregional year round food production methodologies 

Energy & Transmutables - solar, wind, compost, biogas, waste treatments, recycling

Water - Responsible Use, catchment, filtration, routing, local watersheds within holistic water cycle

Food - BioDynamics, Herb walks, mushroom foraging, local edible/medicinal plants, Community Supported Agriculture

Distributed Internet Systems  & Sovereign Technologies



Stewardship, permaculture, Sovereign Economics, social and environmental systems, biodynamics, history & current events, Consciousness, sacred geometry, food/diet, mindfulness, conflict resolution, open topic discussions 



Painting, singing, music, poetry, creative writing, theater, 


Body Intelligence & awareness  

Dance, yoga, Tai-chi, balance, massage, self-love, flow arts, acrobatics 


Self study

Gene keys, human design, astrology (western, vedic, & mayan) astrocartography, self- reflection


Spiritual: tools / techniques / teachings

Meditation, breathwork, journaling, conflict resolution, counseling, philosophy, labyrinths, symbols, activations, ceremony, esoterics, western & eastern philosophy, circles (womens, mens, mixed), oils, crystals, spagyrics & tinctures, story telling, sitting with elders 


Rites of Passage

 4/7 year cycles, Birth, youth, coming of age, adulthood, motherhood/fatherhood, Elders, Death, red tent, honoring of natural cycles (new/full moons, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, harvest, planting) recognition of accomplishments/milestones  



Coming together regularly to share a meal, dance, and play music together to celebrate milestones. To acknowledge what we have done, next steps, and give congratulations for what has be accomplished.