FutureProper is a co-op of artists, designers, contractors and fabricators that work collaboratively to create immersive experiences. We value the Human Mythos and use it as inspiration to create stories within our spaces that tell about the FutureProper; a more beautiful and interesting world we know is possible. 

We have a wide range of professional experience encompassing event production, design and build. At events around the country we have built experiential environments, gathering places, shade structures, stages and temples. Our skills also include eco-conscious contracting, for private residences and community infrastructure. 


Life is art. A Future Proper sees the whole world as an opportunity for creative expression. We determine the amount of beauty and inspiration that it encompasses by choosing to express ourselves. Whether it be Art, Music, Fashion Design, or Performance, you can find it abundantly in the Future, Proper.

We believe that our built environments can become a intrinsic part of,  and contribute to natural habitats in any given ecosystem we steward. They can also be inspiring and creative! By utilizing regenerative design and harmonic architecture principles we see the world we build becoming a keystone to a new age of innovation and advancement for the greatest good. 

All beings have the same basic life requirements, food, water, shelter. In the FutureProper these baseline necessities are provided for everyone, and our mission is to provide accessibility and sovereignty to our global community. 

Future Proper offers regenerative design consultation and for built environments, land use, and social systems. We intend to create working embodiments of regenerative design for use organizations, communities, villages, and cities that are easy to follow and replicate. 

We intend to un-pave the way to regeneration and hope to work in conjunction with local state and national governments to dynamically revitalize human environments that become cultural incubators.

The FutureProper Academy; a place for growing, exploring, & learning. A new school based upon interactive exploration of inspired ideas and concepts. 

Embody Convergence
Sep 21, 2019, 11:11 PM
30105 McCourtney Rd, Wheatland, CA 95692, USA

Join the movement, and create the future with us!